What is the difference between the human species and animals? A conscious. Having a conscious allows us to realize and recognize our feelings and past experiences and apply them to our decision making process. In my last post I wrote about the power of being able to make decisions and the trajectory that it can […]

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mind control

Mind Control

Mind Control “There can be no such thing as being the ‘victim’ of another. You can only be a ‘victim’ of yourself. It is all how you discipline your mind.” – James Stockdale      It was a bright and sunny afternoon on September 9, 1965 in Vietnam. James Stockdale, a ranking U.S. Naval Officer, was

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     We are all familiar with the sayings: Debbie-Downer, Negative Nancy, Karen – insulting names people use to describe someone with a pessimistic attitude. In the prison system it is even more common. The inmates sit with the mentality that everyone is out to get them (addressed in my previous blog post Institutionalism). The staff

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