Succeed by Failing

A Powerful Story Of Resilience & Success Despite Life’s Greatest Setbacks

Sitesh Patel Is On A Mission To Use His Personal Setbacks.To Help You Build A Future Of Success And Impact – Without Shame Or Limitations, No Matter What Your Past Holds.

Discover How Sitesh Patel Transformed His Felony Conviction Into A Path To Personal Freedom & Success. This Book Shows Anyone They Can Turn Their Life Around– No Matter What

Join Sitesh On An Honest Journey Of Transforming Failure Into Triumph
Without Shame, Guilt Or Limitation 

– And Learn How You Can Too!

Sitesh Patel Succeed

Succeed By Failing

is only the beginning of this story…

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Our biggest failures can sometimes overshadow our true potential.

Dear Imperfect Human,

Everyone fails.

I understand this better than most.

As a first generation American determined to make his family proud, I worked hard to get the highest marks and receive acceptance into Rutgers University, eventually graduating with a Doctorate in Pharmacy.


One thing led to another, and after having created a flourishing career, I fell under a federal investigation… Eventually I was charged for a white collar crime that landed me in federal prison.



In a short amount of time, I went from being a successful businessman, bringing in million upon millions per year in revenue… to becoming a felon serving time.

Suddenly, I had one choice: I could succumb to my internal shame and allow this failure to be my life’s destiny, or I could use it to learn, grow and create a new path filled with hope, freedom and personal success – and use my experience to help others.


Succeed By Failing shows you how to avoid the nightmare of 

“letting your failures define your life and purpose…” by addressing:


  • The debilitating thoughts of shame, guilt and regret that hold you back
    • Unrealistic expectations for what success looks like and who is capable of it
  • Wanting more for yourself, but fearing what others have to say about it 
    • Feeling stuck in a box of limitations set by society norms 
  • An all together overwhelming, stressful and disheartening experience trying to overcome your faults to discover the real meaning of success in your life: the choice to learn and grow through your darkest moments in order to serve the world 

Succeed By Failing shows you the truth behind every “imperfect person”  who has made mistakes– that it’s possible to learn from your past, redeem yourself and rediscover success in a meaningful way.

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Are you ready to transform your failures into success… By using the strategies of a success story… Turned felon… Turned 5-star author?

Sitesh offers wisdom and experience from his journey through government investigations, charges for white-collar crimes, and recalibrating through imprisonment. See how he gives back to society.

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If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. We need not wait to see what others do.
Mahatma Gandhi

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